Mission and Vision


HiGSA aims to promote Hispanic culture at FSU, to generate a support network that helps new graduate students settle and adapt to FSU and the local community, to mentor graduate students to succeed in academic life and goals, and to generate awareness of social and political issues in Hispanic countries and their relationship with the USA. HiGSA is aligned with FSU’s vision committed to academic excellence, diversity, and free inquiry and constantly works to make its contribution to the university’s mission. These goals are accomplished through a series of social and academic activities at FSU and within Tallahassee’s community.


HiGSA is a diverse organization aimed at promoting the Hispanic culture at FSU and serving as a network support for new and current graduate students realizing the full potential of diversity and inclusion. The organization is constantly working towards promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding and hopes to set an example of student led organizations serving the diversity and inclusion goals across US universities.

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